As youths who are passionate about politics, our goal is to use our influence for positivity and progression. We plan to engage high schoolers in political activism and provide a place where young people can go if they want to learn how to make a progressive difference. Through social media, we want to start conversations about important political issues and inform teenagers on the current political rundown. Explore our website to learn more about us and find ways that you can get involved.


Want to get involved? Check out these links.

Mobilize America

  • To get involved with phone banking, canvassing, training or more for your local progressive politicians or organizations, click here.

Helping Out the Environment

  • The Nature Conservancy organization is always in need of volunteers to help clean out trails and ecological reservations. Sign up for a project here.
  • Contact your local lawmakers and sign petitions to end methane waste here, with the Ohio Environmental Council. Volunteers can also work to end toxic algae and protect Ohio’s monuments.
  • In spring of 2019, the Ohio River Sweep will begin for its thirtieth year. Thousands of volunteers gather at a river near them to clean up trash and debris. Click here to help clean out Ohio’s many rivers.

Ending Gun Violence/Gun Control

  • A list of companies that profit from gun violence can be found here. Make a conscious effort to stop buying from these stores to help end gun violence!
  • In response to Sandy Hook, Moms Demand Action was formed. Since then, they have stopped New Jersey from allowing bump stocks, stopped permit-less carry in Alabama, and more. Click here to join or take action.
  • Events and activities with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence take place all over the state. Sign up here to find a place near you where you can volunteer and join events.


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Check out other youths making a difference!

  • Since the shooting in Parkland, teenage activists have sprung up everywhere to fight for gun control. These high schoolers are pushing their ideas for safer schools through Congress.
  • Trump’s immigration policy sparked Irvington High School to organize a rally under the motto “Families Belong Together” and their rally featured the town supervisor and clerk who agreed with the students’ concerns.


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